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If you want more information on educational redlining and background on the visualization, look below the map.

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Background on Visualization:This web tool allows viewers to access the geographic distribution of academic ratings in Connecticut and obtain a greater understanding of the strong relationship between these ratings and patterns of racial segregation and socioeconomic status of children and families. The tool also shows the geographic concentration of lower rated schools that will (continue to) experience arguably punitive educational reforms under the No Child Left Behind Act Waiver, as well as the greater level of autonomy of higher rated schools in Connecticut, which are dispersed throughout the rural and suburban areas. These specific reforms, such as Race to the Top and NCLB-like policies, have mixed records at best and substantial evidence that they reduce the quality of education for the most vulnerable children. Therefore, as Darling-Hammond suggests, this “educational redlining”- punitive educational reforms that primarily target low-income, racial/ethnic minority, and emerging bilingual children-could further undermine the schools that serve the highest need students in Connecticut. Read more about educational redlining here.

View point data from The Cities, Suburbs, and Schools Project at Trinity; View polygon data: racial minority percentages, number of students, percentage of students with disabilities from Connecticut Open Data Portal and Connecticut State Department of Education.

Tool by Veronica Armendariz, DataViz at Trinity College based on Searchable Map Template by Derek Eder; open-source code available at GitHub